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Romantique Sunset by the fortress

Rethymno District

  • Total: 10 miles
  • Time: 2,5 or 4 hours half day trip
  • Start at 18:30 or 16:30
  • Every day uppon request
  • Up to 3 pax with SAXDOR 200
  • Up to 4 pax with Storm 2023
  • Up to 5 pax with Okeanos
        Type - 4h price - 2,5h price
  • Saxdor 590 euro - 400 euro
  • Storm 2023 400euro -300euro
  • Okeanos 490euro -350euro
  • including water, wine, cretan delicacies and fresh fruits

Omprogialos is in the 423th place out of 478 beaches in the Region of Crete region 127.9km away from its center, the city of Kastelli. It is one of the beaches of Ombrosgialos settlement, just 0 km from its center. The beach is located in a natural place with very picturesque views, among the mountains.

It is a tiny bay with crystal turquoise water and , so it is highly recommended to wear special shoes. The entrance to the water is quite sharp. This beach is suitable for different categories of people, lonely travellers, relaxation getaway lovers etc. It is not crowded place during the season.

Omprogialos coast is free for all. It has no amenities, only nature, toilets.



Return by sunset 

The Fortezza of Rethymnon Crete: The Venetian stronghold of Fortezza is built on top of a low hill above Rethymno Town, Crete. The hill is known as Paleokastro, which means old castle in Greek and suggests the existence of an older structure in that place. This huge fortress, with its turbulent history, was built between 1540 and 1570 by the Venetian maritime power as a bulwark against Turkish pirates. Enjoy while returning the most beawtiful sunset. Pehaprs enjoy a glass of wine a take the most impressive pictures of your vacations

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