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OmbrosGialos - Marathi

Chania District

  • Total: 40 miles
  • Time: 6-7 hours full day trip
  • Every day uppon request
  • Up to 3 pax with SAXDOR 200
  • Up to 5 pax with Ioannis Storm
  • Saxdor :  730 euro
  • Ioannis:  590 euro

The trip starts from Rethymno marina, our experienced skipper will help you discover the beauty of the island and choose the spots you will swim. Connect with blue sea, escape from the crowded beaches and take some photos of the moments you will keep in your memory forever.

The naval part of the trip ends at Ombros gialos a small but beautiful rocky beach with a small jetty. It's difficult -to-reach by land location keep most people away, but not us!



Marathi, time for lunch

Marathi is a small cove about 14 km east of Chania Town. This cove has crystal waters and is protected by strong winds. Marathi is an organized beach particularly popular among the locals. Its shallow waters are ideal for families and kids. Ideal place to relax, enjoy your lunch in one of the local tavernas and swim in the blue waters.

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