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Seitan - Marathi

Chania District

  • Total: 40 miles
  • Time: 7-8 hours full day trip
  • Every day uppon request
  • Up to 3 pax with SAXTOR 200
  • 1200 euro
  • including water, wine, cretan delicacies and fresh fruits
Seitan Limania, a hidden stunning paradise!

Seitan Limania (also known as Seitan Limani ) is a remote beach located at the northeast part оf the Akrotiri Peninsula, in proximity to the magnificent city of Chania. In fact it is not a beach like the ones we’re used to; it is a narrow canal locked between high sea cliffs with white sands and pebbles and of course with transparent vivid blue waters. 

There are no sun beds or umbrellas there but the rocks and cliffs do provide some corners of shade. This tiny cove might easily get annoyingly busy so

The name consists of two parts; Seitan that actually means "Satan/devil" in Turkish, and Limania that means “ports, harbors” in Greek. In a few words, get ready to explore the “devil’s ports” hidden between the cliffs of Akrotiri!



Marathi, time for lunch

Marathi is a small cove about 14 km east of Chania Town. This cove has crystal waters and is protected by strong winds. Marathi is an organized beach particularly popular among the locals. Its shallow waters are ideal for families and kids. Ideal place to relax, enjoy your lunch in one of the local tavernas and swim in the blue waters.

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