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Spilies Beach Crete – One of the Most Beautiful Beaches On the Crete North Coast

A gorgeous beach, great for snorkelling

Spilies Beach Crete – An Introduction

  • One of the nicest Rethymno beaches, as well as one of the most beautiful tiny Crete beaches.

  • It's a pebble beach with low cliffs on both sides and is less than 100 meters wide

  • It's a well-kept beach with umbrellas, sunbeds, and even four-poster beds with curtains.

  • You'll be fed and hydrated in the tavern and beach bar.

  • Swimming in crystal clear water

  • Close by is a short, lovely coastline stroll.

Where Is Spilies Beach Crete?

Spilies beach Crete is 17 km from the lovely coastal city of Rethymno. It’s located a minute’s drive off the coastal highway to Heraklion, the capital of Crete. It’s also only 5 km (3 miles) from lovely Panormos beach. It’s also only a 15-minute drive from one of the best things to see in Crete, Arkadi Monastery.

Getting To Spilies Beach Crete

Choice 1: by car

Once you've done it once, finding the beach at Spilies is simple. However, the confusing signage makes it tough the first time.

Skaleta beach, with its magnificent chapel next to the shore, is accessible by car from Rethymno or Chania. Soon after, you'll pass a Ciao café on your left and a Shell garage on your right, followed by two Eko petrol stations, one on each side of the road, 300 meters further on. You must proceed to the left-hand side.

To accomplish so, take the second left turn, which is on the far side of the gas station. There is a right-hand turn on the immediate right as you enter. The elusive, tiny, hardly visible hand-painted 'Spilies Beach' sign can be found here. Continue along the path through the woods until you reach the car park.

The vista to the right at Geropotamos bridge is your early warning sign if you're coming from Heraklion, Bali (Crete), or Panormos. The Eko gas stations are 1 kilometer away. You take a sharp right, then another sharp right.

The bus stops at the Eko gas station in both directions if you're traveling by bus. It's a five- to ten-minute walk down to the beach from there. This route is served by the regular number 20 Rethymno to Panormos bus; for the most up-to-date timetable information, visit the K-Tel buses website.

Choice 2: by renting a boat without licence

Rent a boat without licence is so easy...anyone can do it.

In approximately one hour and a half, following the coast you will firstly arrive to the Camara

There is a small hidden beach there accessible only by boat.

You can continue and some minutes later on you will arrive at Spilies.

Do not forget to add a Cretan basket in order to enjoy it once there.

Be carefull while arriving and keep your distances from the shore. Rent a boat in Rethymno is not expensive at all. A rental is arround 60 euro the first hour + 10 euro every extra hour to begin and for any question kindly visit FAQ

Choice 3: by a daily Cruise

Choose our daily cruise. Enjoy the ride while our Captain drives you through magnificent places. Enjoy some fresh fruits and wine and relax... A skippered day cruise to Rethymno is always a great way to pass your day.

Why Visit Spilies Beach

Spilies is one of those idyllic Greek beaches where you might return time and time again. It's largely constructed of small stones, and it's well-kept, with plenty of umbrellas and loungers.

If you want to avoid the sun, the natural cave on the beach's left (west) side provides lots of cover. My son and I had a great time here for hours, creating rock and pebble towers.

From the beach, there are a couple of lovely coast hikes. The first is a two-minute walk up the hill from the parking park's path close to the restrooms. As you pass above the taverna, you get a beautiful view of the beach, but continue to the cliff edge for the complete effect.

You may get a bird's eye view of Spilies by standing back a few meters from the edge. You'll be impressed by how clear the water is here. Every aspect of the massive square rock slabs that make up the seabed may be seen here. This water even comes close to matching that of Kalypso Beach on Crete's south coast.

Facilities At Spilies Beach Crete

Everything you could need is here – umbrellas, sunbeds, a beach bar, a taverna serving meals (inside or at your sunbed) and toilets. The latter are 50 metres away, back at the end of the car park.

Swimming At Spilies

The water at Crete's Spilies Beach is crystal clear. The calm waters are great for a beach swim or snorkeling, and the nearby coves are also worth seeing

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